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Q. Will you create a website for anyone?

A.  No - I only create websites for UK based Escorts (of all nationalities), and I ONLY create websites for persons over 18 years of age

(If I have any reason to believe the person is under 21 years I will require a written declaration of age and Photo ID in the form of ID Card, Passport or Drivers Licence)  Also, my online questionnaire requires the applicant to declare they are of age, not working/escorting against their free will, not being managed by ANY 3rd party and legally entitled to seek employment within the UK.


Anyone unclear of the legalities of escorting etc within the UK is advised to follow the links on the homepage to various escort online resources.


Please note some websites I provide, are design and layout only - and my clients then populate the site with information and ladies' particulars - Unfortunately I have no control over what they upload but will advise the site administrator if I am advised of ANY inappropriate content.   I will always act upon any information supplied, obtain necessary reassurances that the site complies with UK law and if necessary I will pass information to UK law enforcement authorities.


Q. How much are your websites??

A. See 'Website prices' page, link above.


Q. Why do I need a website?

A. You are in a very competitive industry, you need to ensure you stand out from the crowd.  Add links to your Personal Website via your Adultwork profile and also from lots of Escort Directories (mostly free!)


Q. How do I know I will get a good site?

A. Well, you can see lots of sites (50+) I have already done and you only pay a small deposit until its done and you are 100% satisfied with it!  If you don't like it - JUST DONT PAY!


Q. How come you're so cheap?

A. We work from a small office, with very few overheads!


Q. How long does it take?

A. Once I have all the info typically a £199 site takes about 7 days. (2 days for a £99 site!)


Q. Can I see your work?

A. Yes, follow the links on my samples page to my website and girl's sites I have created.  Now 50+ websites. Better still why not ring the girls who I have done sites for, and ask what they think...


Q. Can I update my site?

A. Yes, at any time your site can be updated with pictures or information - Free for 2 months, nominal fee thereafter OR why not have a site that is totally updatable with info/pictures by you??  Contact me for details


Q. How else will a personal website help me?

A. We can include lots of info about you so when clients ask lots of questions you can just tell them the information is on your website & I can word the site in a way to target your preferred clientèle and discourage timewasters!


Q. Can I have a blog page on my site?

A. Yes or we can link to your Adultwork blog


Q. What other pages can I have?

A. Up to you but a typical site is [Intro page], [Home Page], [About Me], [Gallery], [Fees], [My Place], [Contact], [Book Me], [Links].  You can also have [Reviews page], [2-Girl Page], [Blog], [Members page] etc etc


Q. What happens if I change my name or take some time off?

A. No problems, name changes are easy and if need be I can hide your site until you want to use it again.  Often with most websites your site simply can not be taken down on request - All sites we do can!


Q. Can clients view your websites on iPhones etc?

A.  Yes, this is a particularly good feature of ALL my current sites.  You see exactly on an iPhone, iPod or iPad exactly what you would see on a computer.  NB Older websites in my samples list may not have the same viewability on an iPhone but all 2013 sites have.  Try viewing this site on your iDevice to see!


Q.  Will you add links and banners to other Escort Directories?

A.  Yes, let me know the sites you want to advertise with and if they require a banner adding to your site I will do this for you FREE OF CHARGE - ANYTIME. After adding banners you will have to then contact the Directory to create a profile/add your details (we show you just how to do this - it's easy!)




Q.  Can I manage additional SEO myself or use an SEO company?

A.  No, we include Level 1 SEO free with all sites (sufficient when used with directory marketing too).  Parlours, agencies etc who would like (and should take) further SEO can only do so by adding one of our (very reasonably priced) SEO packages.

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