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Ok, let’s say your new website is finished.  It looks great but this is just the start!!!  We need to ensure you get traffic (clients) on to your site and reading all about you and the services you offer.  Just having a shiny new website will not in its own right bring in business.


However, the solution is neither difficult or complicated and between us, we can soon have 1000’s of hits per week coming your way - work it out and you will only need a few percent of these turning into guaranteed bookings to start bringing in more ££’s.


We now need to market your site.  To do this we will use a combination of ‘Marketing’ and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  Marketing is basically advertising your website via other (bigger, more established) websites!  We will list your new website on Escort Directories and similar sites that are viewed daily by tens of thousands of browsing customers.  Guys will browse these other sites, see you and click your link and ‘check out’ your site. Hopefully they will like what they see and contact you!


A good way to choose which directories to approach is to put into ‘Google’ your service and your location,  EG ‘escorts Manchester‘  or ‘Swindon sensual massage’ then have a look which directories come up on the first page or two, then select who you want to approach to advertise.


There are 100’s of such sites and I will already have added banners on your home and links pages for at least 10 such sites to get you going.  You do not have to go with my suggestions, you can add an infinite number of directories to your own website and apply to these sites for a listing.  Most of these sites, e.g. Punterlink, Adultwork, UK AdultZone offer an option for a free listing (providing you put a return link/banner to their website on your site - I will, of course, do this for you FREE*). If you have a ‘user updatable’ site you can add these banners easily yourself.


Each site has its own specific requirement for the banner they want us to add to your website - if it’s added in the wrong place or wrong size then they will refuse to accept your listing. This is why it’s important you let us do this for you!  Some of these sites can be more than a little frustrating to deal with and often they can have you jumping through hoops but with a bit of perseverance you will get through to them.


Although I will add the banners & links, you will have to contact the various Escort Directories yourself from your own email address.  Even if I have added a banner to your website, you will still have to apply for a listing yourself.  It’s easy- just go to the site and look for a tab/link to submit an advert.


Although lots of these sites are free, there are one or two sites that ask a fee. In return, they will position your link more prominently on their website.  If you can possibly add one or two of these fee-paying options at the outset, you will see even more traffic coming to your website.  You may well find that you can curtail this paid advertising once your site is generating sufficient business for yourself.  If the phone quietens down then you can pay for more!


Generally, the better London sites charge you a fee. You will need to decide whether you wish to advertise on these sites or stick to the freebies.


Generating site traffic in this manner will in its own right help your website climb Google (and other search engines) rankings.


This marketing along with our (FREE) Level 1 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will, within a very short period of time working alongside your Escort Directory advertising.


* Links and banners will always be added free of charge.  Site alterations including adding new photos etc. will be chargable at a nominal rate.


We offer an OPTIONAL service to add links and banner exchanges to escort directories on your behalf.  Click here for more details

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